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Top 5 Dragon Ball Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Coming up with gift ideas for your boyfriend can sometimes be challenging, whether its for a Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines day, or Christmas. If he's really into Dragon Ball, it can be overwhelming to browse through all the options out there. Well, i'm a HUGE Dragon Ball Z fan myself so here's my top 5 list of Dragonball gift ideas for your boyfriend.

1) Vegeta Armor T-Shirt

Get Vegeta Armor here - $20

Vegeta is one of the main characters of the show, and his Saiyan armor is iconic. In fact, it's the most popular Dragonball Z t-shirts of all time. If he is a fan, there is no doubt he'll love this and will enjoy geeking out over it with his friends. The shirt comes in either long sleeve or short sleeve and you can choose to have the armor look "battle worn" or fresh.

2) 7 Piece Crystal Dragonball Set

Get Dragonball Replica Set here - $25

Want to really surprise your boyfriend? Get him this full replica set of crystal Dragonballs. It comes with its own display box so it looks good literally anywhere. In the show, collecting all 7 of these Dragonballs summons the mighty dragon, Shenron, to grant a wish. This is the display piece in any Dragon Ball Z fan's collection.

3) Dragonball Z Hat

Get a Dragon Ball Z Hat here

If your boyfriend loves to wear hats, then this is the perfect gift! It features the same iconic emblem that Goku, the main character of Dragonball Z, wears on his outfit. This one will really show your boyfriend how thoughtful you are! The hat's are adjustable so you don't have to worry if it will fit your boyfriend's head, one size fits all.

4) 3D Goku LED Lamp

Get a Dragon Ball Z Lamp here - $39.99

If your boyfriend is into really unique gifts, this is the one for him. This lamp displays Goku and illuminates him in such a way that it looks 3D. How cool is that! The lamp even has different modes so you can toggle through the different colors, or you can set it to automatic and it will slowly change by itself.

5) Goku in a Pocket T-Shirt

Get a Goku T-Shirt here - $15

This is the perfect gift if your boyfriend enjoys more of a minimalistic t-shirt. It shows a playful young Goku peeking out of the shirt's chest pocket! This is the one I would pick for myself because it's simple enough to be worn for virtually any occasion, while still representing Dragonball Z. Get this for your boyfriend and watch how happy he'll be!


Hope This Helped!

As you can see, there are many options for you to choose from! It's important to first decide if your boyfriend is the type who would enjoy something apparel related like a t-shirt, or if they enjoy something more "toy" related. Once you've narrowed that down, selecting a gift isn't too difficult. As a guy myself who's received Dragon Ball Z presents, it truly is the thought that counts. Taking the time to recognize our obsession with the Anime and finding something cool related to that is 90% of the gift. The fact that you are here reading this means you've already taken a step in the right direct. While these are just my recommendations, feel free to browse the rest of our product selection to see if anything  interesting jumps out at you!

If you have any feedback or want anymore personalized help selecting a gift, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.