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Dragon Ball Super - End of an Era

Dragon Ball Super

Cited by a source from Japan's Mantan Web, our favorite show Dragon Ball Super which is the fourth anime in the series, will be coming to an end this March. The series will end by wrapping up the current Tournament of Power sage, where we will find out which of the 12 universes is the strongest. Fuji TV has said there is no clear plans yet whether the series will be picked up again at a later date or of this is the end of the show for good.

First aired in July 5th of 2015 in Japan, Dragon Ball Super's main saga was written by the one and only Akira Toriyama. People were upset at first because of its low production quality, especially the artwork in the first 50 episodes. Luckily, the complaints were heard and the show began increasing its quality throughout the last saga. For many, this their all time favorite show, so it's going to be sad to see it coming to and end.

The new anime  GeGeGe will take the time slot of Dragon Ball Super starting in April. A few of the voice actors will even be the same. Both Goku and Piccolo will be transferring to the new show, so at least there will be some familiarity between the two.

The good news is that Dragon Ball Super is still being translated to English and airing on Adult Swim. The premier of the show got 1,063,000 viewers on its first showing at 8 pm which is absolutely insane! We can expect the full series to be translated due to its popular demand. Who knows, there may also be some spin off movies like there was with Battle of the Gods. I can even imagine a movie taking place about Jiren's origin story (a character appearing in the Tournament of Power saga).

Here's a photo of the Dragon Ball Super celebrating the completion of the last episode:

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